GUARANTEED WINS with MARTINGALE!!! (except when you lose…)

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The Martingale betting system works EVERY TIME…until it doesn’t…

Find out the good and the bad with this age old betting strategy. Why it has such a high success rate, but can cause life-changing losses when you hit a bad streak.


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GUARANTEED WINS with MARTINGALE!!! (except when you lose…)

10 thoughts on “GUARANTEED WINS with MARTINGALE!!! (except when you lose…)

  1. That's why you wait for triggers before starting a sequence and leave at 40% to 60% profit.

  2. I do something similar with a single dozen. Because of it’s 2:1 payout. Bets don’t have to Martingale just half your loss plus half desired profit starting from 1 dollar. 600 bankroll gives 12 bullets with a $12 desired profit round 5 or above. I’ve made 1200 from a 500 bankroll in 3 hours

  3. Let’s say there was no house edge in the game of baccarat and banker pays 1:1 and if you martingale against a player in baccarat, eventually player will go on a winning streak and wipe you out right? So does that mean if you follow a players streak and double after each win in other words reverse martingale, you will be a winner long term?

  4. Do not bet this system! It is insane. A good way to lose your house, car and wife!🤕

  5. killing by 10 dollar bet and you lost 5 time in a row is hunderds dollar lost for What for 10 dollar win

  6. I remember years ago, in Vegas.. I grinded $300 into $1000; betting columns/martingale loses, over the course of a weekend. I wanted $1000 profit to walk away.. Then turned $1000 into $0 in about 30mins. Lessoned learned.

  7. I do my own version of martingale, tripling each loss. Start off with one dollar then go to 3, 9, 27 and on. You can make a lot of money pretty quickly even starting with a dollar but that betting number goes up very quickly. Won 1100 in about 2 or 3 hours but later on in the day ended up losing it all. “There’s no way I’m going to lose 9 in a row” 🤡

  8. When I was learning on an automated system, I started with $5 and martingaled up to $1240 (all black). Luckily I didn't have that money, because double-zero hit next.😢

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