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WOW !! This was a HUGE battle … This proved that M.M. is our savior and you have to have more than one strategy to attack the game .. This by far is not one of my best videos , but hey this channel is the REAL DEAL and I show the good with the bad .. Still pulled off a win : )) Cheers : ))

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  1. Like I shared in one of your videos, it took me 5:30 hrs to recoup my money. Just imagine you live play, it would be longer than 5:30 hrs. This simulator is much quicker than live play. In addition you would be wack the heck out of your mind with real money. This fake money would not effect your emotion! Wait until you are down to -40 or -50 you would be out of control! Pee in your pant! 🙂 have fun guys

  2. Hi Baccarat Chi. Instead of fighting a losing shoe, why not try setting a stop-loss on each shoe, then restart on a new shoe? I also use a negative progression, but always increase one unit after a loss. Using a $5 base wager, if I lose 8 consecutive wagers without a win, my max loss on the shoe is $180 (max bet of $40). $180 loss assumes that I never win a wager, which is highly unlikely, but I know that my max bet using a $5 base wager is $40, and if it loses, I wait for a new shoe and restart the progression. Using a $25 base wager, the loss after 8 consecutive wagers would be a $900 (max bet of $200). Since you increase 2 units after your first loss, your maximum loss after losing 8 consecutive wagers using a $5 base wager would be $185, and your maximum wager would be $45; likewise, using a $25 base wager, your maximum loss on a shoe after losing 8 consecutive wagers would be $925, with your maximum wager of $225…Still a loss, but much less than being behind by $2,500 on a $25 base wager, as shown in this video…To summarize, I think it's just as important to lose less (by preserving your bankroll and using a stop-loss) as it is to try to generate profits, which is very similar to the way that professional traders manage their risk capital.

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