Making Money Winning at Casino Baccarat

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Making Money Winning at Casino Baccarat

9 thoughts on “Making Money Winning at Casino Baccarat

  1. Only banker columns show up more than maybe expected. But random placing in a random shoe will, hopefully reduce the chances of hitting that one rogue column.
    Better to be lucky than smart.

  2. I like the 6 Players, picking your spots, as you do. The jokes? Yes, sir, keep those coming, too!

  3. I made the comment once before about playing 6P in a row. Instead of going by the rows, I’m waiting for a banker run to finish. After 3 or 4 streak breaks, I bet 6P. That has worked 100% SO FAR. I also bet it during a chop & after 3 terrible 2s. I’m averaging 5 wins per shoe and never had to go past the 4th martingale. No busts at all! I quit the shoe after 5 wins. Good luck all! If this fails me, I’ll let you know

  4. How about the grand martingale 25-75-175-375-775-1575. You make more each time you increase your bet to help compensate for when you do lose 6 in a row.

  5. I thought it would be crazy to bet six players. Then I tested it exhaustively. Turns out it works better than any other sequence that you have presented on your channel.

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