NEW!! 3-STEP LADDER Betting Strategy! (2022)

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Tutorial for a Betting Strategy called the ‘3-STEP LADDER’. This Strategy can be used with any EVEN MONEY BET.

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NEW!! 3-STEP LADDER Betting Strategy! (2022)

10 thoughts on “NEW!! 3-STEP LADDER Betting Strategy! (2022)

  1. Hey mister Rafael could get in contact with me i would like to send you a program if interested please contact me thanks

  2. Welcome back. I wrote emails to you but no one answered

  3. Hey Mr. Rafael, where have you been all this time?!?
    Sourly missed …

  4. This is a really interesting strategy! It feels like it's the big brother of the star 2.0 haha. Thank you so much for your efforts Rafael, can't wait to see the strategy in action!!.

  5. Good stuff. Mister Rafael. You do like your permutations! Excel spreadsheets are a good thing. Looking at many Bac games and roulette games, too…how about a power press play for two wins and then back to base? Say a 1-3? Run it side by side with this system, same number of unit buy-in, and see the results. Using the same buy-in wouldn't allow for as many misses, but I think we'll see many more wins….and more money at cash out.
    Thoughts? Anyone? Buehler, Buehler….

  6. Just running the numbers: If you were to win 3 times in a row in any of the levels then you would profit between 0.8 and 2.4 units. On the third level, you have lost 0.4 units and gained 1.2 units for a net profit of 0.8 units. On the 16th level (10 x 0.2 units) you would have lost 11.6 units and gained 14 units for a net profit of 2.4 units.

    Incidentally, I find it less confusing if you just talk in terms of "base bet" (0.2 units). If you win 3 times in a row in any of the levels then you will profit between 4 and 12 times your base bet. (Needless to say, in Baccarat the banker commissions can eat up quite a lot of these profits – especially at the higher levels).

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