[New Deuces Wild Video Poker] A Progressive Betting System With Real Money And A $250 Win!

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Real Money Play @ BetOnline with $1,125 in the bankroll, we intend to win playing Deuces Wild Video Poker and we do well!

Our Deuces Wild video poker betting system is simple, any time we win double our bet we jump to the next multiplier and continue and when we max out and win we go back to the bottom.

The goal is simple too, 10% and call it quits for the session/night.

Watch this and see what happens using Perfect Strategy for Deuces Wild Video Poker.

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[New Deuces Wild Video Poker] A Progressive Betting System With Real Money And A $250 Win!

8 thoughts on “[New Deuces Wild Video Poker] A Progressive Betting System With Real Money And A $250 Win!

  1. Excellent!! Proving why keeping to the strategy works. I was thinking I would of kept the straight. But you correctly stayed the course .

  2. Since you're betting $20 a hand, shouldn't be 20×40=800. They are paying out like you're betting $5 a hand 5×40=200. I don't get it?

  3. Woohoo!!! Nice Hit! Yup the lure of dudes wild….you gotta forego pairs and near straights as the payoff is too little! You threw back a near straight only to flop a straight flush. Amazing – Great Job Brunson!!!

  4. Hey Brunson you mind making a video on one of my strategies on my channel it’s the most recent one I posted I suck making videos your wayyy better at it than me

  5. Glad you won. That is a pretty poor paytable for deuces wild and your strategy card does not match the paytable. Pray you do not hit a royal with no deuces when you dont have 5 coins bet. Keep winning

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