RECAP of Thursday Baccarat + 2 Blackjack Betting Systems That Win 5-10% Hourly! – Action @ 9:40

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Welcome to Round 4 of 7, in the all-new blackjack betting strategies video series. We are going to show you how we “would” or “used to” make money at Blackjack.

Over the next 7 videos, you’re going to learn every one of my amazing Blackjack betting systems that will make you an exceptional and advanced winner of the game.

You’ll be able to walk into a casino and be armed with every game’s “strategy” for how to win, once you finish this series…

…because BrunsonFX Gaming has already released all other games that we play with strategy videos for making $$ at each.

So when this series is done, we are done, at least with Blackjack.

So get ready for the ride of your life…and in this video, I show you how to use the Mirror Method, and Oscar’s Grind, for making (usually) quick 5-10% session roll gains on a new shoe.

In this video, we pretend we’re playing $25-$100 MAX bet on a $1000 Session Roll, then we change up our bets with Oscar’s Grind and extend the betting range, to prove that it works.

The way our “MIRROR METHOD” system works is bet how you would at a $10 game but start at $25 and mirror the bet once, then jump to $50, mirror the bet once, then jump to $75 and so on.

The goal is to make $50-$100+ and call it quits and we nail it in both strategies this time, which is rare for Blackjack to pay like this.

That’s it. Simple as hell right? Wrong!!!

Only 2% of ALL Blackjack players in the world play PERFECT BASIC STRATEGY and have MASTERED that particular game and set of rules! That’s why I ONLY PLAY IN COLORADO and nowhere else.

Basic Strategy is the first thing you need to master before you can “get like me” and do this S**T for a living or professionally. It took me 18 months of daily practice to master it 100% by insta-memory.

# GOAL: Make 5-10% on your Session Roll and quit the session.

This (does not) make me money and I CAN complain, don’t do it, unless you feel confident that it’s your day to win. Feel confident.


Welcome to the Brunson FX gaming channel where we show you our proven techniques and systems for beating online poker and various games where risk is involved.

We also can win at local casinos in cash games using our systems as well and aim to show you what’s working for us in hopes that you improve your play and profit consistently, but more importantly, have more fun gambling!

*Gamble at your own risk. Seek help if you have a problem.

Thank you for ALL the LIKES, SHARES, and SUBSCRIBES, we love how much this has grown, and helped other gaming enthusiasts perform better in casinos.

DISCLAIMER: We post videos strictly for entertainment purposes only. We show only the best “short game” tactics and strategies for winning early. Getting in and getting out quickly with profits! We are NOT open to meeting any players in person, doing any kind of business deal with shared profits or coaching in private sessions.

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RECAP of Thursday Baccarat + 2 Blackjack Betting Systems That Win 5-10% Hourly! – Action @ 9:40

7 thoughts on “RECAP of Thursday Baccarat + 2 Blackjack Betting Systems That Win 5-10% Hourly! – Action @ 9:40

  1. Brunson fx you have very good interesting strategy. But there is strategy. Nobody knows but I couple other people know about it if you want you can give me a call 321 660-8867

  2. Nice system really like your videos I live in Canada and at the casinos here min is $25 max is $500. I play Oscars grind too, my goal is 10 percent too on blackjack.

  3. Just one more comment , my understanding of Oscars grind is to get so that you profit only 1 unit and no more , so one would never bet an amount that would result in a gain of one unit

  4. First of all thank you for taking the time to teach us how to play and your tricks on how to win. Can you try to sneak in a camera to see you play real live?

  5. Yo what !! You are not married with your girlfriend but you have 3 kids with her after 10 years ! LOL. Looks like you have the best of both world man. All the best bro. Cheers…. to playing Blackjack & Baccarat bcoz I love playing both too. Loved your vid BTW.

  6. Hi Brun. Nice videos,but bad strategy…Playing the same while wining,is just as bad as a
    "martingale" That is a NO-NO. Here is my strategy,for free… 1-2-6-2-4-6-8-10-12-14-Ect. If you
    lose on the first 2,you go back to 1,if you lose on the first 6,repeat it (,6). NOT martingale on
    either case. And then you go back to 1 regardless of the result. If you get pass the first 6,you just follow the sequence (1-2-6-2-4-6-8-10-12-Etc.) If you lose at any time on this sequence,
    you go back to 1. Try it at home,you´ll be surprise… Cheers DC.
    P:D. It works on a 6 decks continuous shafling machine. (Real casinos)

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