[Round 1] ‘The Come Up’ Baccarat Betting System + Wins 90% of the Time + $5-$50 MAX BET

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Welcome back to another video of Baccarat, pretend play.

This time, we are showing you The Come Up baccarat betting system that allows you to play with $500 session roll and start with $10 units and bet to a max of $50 following House Way and progressively adding a unit ($10) when you lose and staying on whatever you bet when winning. This system was tested 10 times and it only lost 1 time, making this one of the few 90% winning systems in Baccarat. So I urge you to learn and master this, provided you want to treat Baccarat as your Full or Part-time job.

With a $500 Session Roll, and playing the following systems together at the same time:

— House Way (Your Money Goes To Whichever Side Won Last)

— Stay On Same Bet When You Are Winning And Same Spot!

— Press One Unit On Each Bet When You Are Losing, Max Bet $50

– Start Betting with 2 Units on Player.

Come watch and see how we do over 4 sessions!

This first round ends at 10 minutes with us struggling badly to get ahead and the second round is where we complete the mission!

This makes me money and I can’t complain, until I lose for real…


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[Round 1] ‘The Come Up’ Baccarat Betting System + Wins 90% of the Time + $5-$50 MAX BET

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  1. I'm sorry if my voice is faded or volume too low, I'm working on getting a better headset. I shoot these videos on a laptop with an old headset, I'm lazy and I don't want to get a new headset but several people say they can't hear me, so I will do better in future videos. Thanks in advance for turning up your speakers!

  2. i play the trend good system i would have made 1,000s of dollars already on a chop trend

  3. I cannot hear anything! Yet your system fascinates me! I have questions. Can you call me at 773-627-6312? Or email at jschaffer2002@yahoo.com? I would be very appreciative! Thank you!!

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