Test Baccarat for the Win Win System

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Test Baccarat for the Win Win System

7 thoughts on “Test Baccarat for the Win Win System

  1. Eureka Yeee Haaa
    Well I am glad you like that new Rabbit 🐇 pin. For the year of the Chinese year of Rabbit..
    Cheers Tony.

  2. this system works occasionally, at least for me; have tried this with live dealer tables before and have lost 18 tries in a row! Other times, you'll have to go down deep levels before being able to recover. that's if you're lucky! it's just not sustainable in the long haul. As usual, all systems work until they don't.

  3. I’m not a believer in jumping from 1 shoe to another after a win because in my experience a bettor friendly shoe comes around once every 3 to 4 shoes. When you get one my advice is to stay with it as long as possible. Most shoes seem to fight you every step of the way with short streaks followed by short chops (or vice versa) during the entire shoe. Those are the shoes to abandon. Good shoes have either long chops or long streaks and sometimes both. Do not abandon those types of shoes. Ride the wave with both chops and streaks until you reach you’re desired goal.

  4. Great video Wilson love your show been a minute since I been on been busy setting up my own channel come over check it out if you get a chance. Keep it up buddy take care!

  5. Don't lose that rabbit pin! Put that with your lucky horseshoe and you will never have to worry about losing anymore!

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