10 thoughts on “The Inside Baccarat Strategy! One of the Best IMO! $$$$$$

  1. interesting. I have been testing a similar system I call "Flip Flop Fibonacci 6&8" where I follow the streaks of positive and negative but my betting sequence is as follows in units: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 I go one step up the ladder on a loss and switch of sides, when 6&8 hit on the positive side it's one step down the sequence, when 7 hits on the negative side for a win it's 2 steps down the sequence.

  2. I'm a pretty recent subscriber and craps is new for me. I've literally used your videos to teach myself the game. Thanks for that my man! The wife said to me this morning… You're not rolling up to the casino tonight "Waylon Style!"…meaning with a 5K bankroll. 🤣 She also said we could make an exception for you, being an Alabama fan and all, we're all Sooners in these parts. Congrats on the 4K! ✌️

  3. I had to do some math but I get it now. My level would be $30 level everywhere. I like this after I do my normal one hit and down. Mad Craps Professor back at it again.. thanks Waylon

  4. Very interesting system sir. Never thought of this style. Just like anytime you play can be destroyed with a couple rolls. But very interesting system for sure. Do you start with 5k when you go to casino?

  5. Crapsee has me figured out anytime I am betting the lay 6 & 8. This thing wiped out a $27,000 bankroll. Kept sniping the 6 & 8, then would 7 out when I moved to the light side.

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