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Do Not Gamble. You WILL Lose.

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TrainWrecksTv – The Baccarat WHISPERER

10 thoughts on “TrainWrecksTv – The Baccarat WHISPERER

  1. Lol I'm chillin all stoned and in the first few minutes of the video I noticed where your camera is at in the baccarat session and you look like you're sitting as a dealer at one of the tables yourself. Lol.

  2. At 12:30 . He raised the bet after a couple wins. Then he lowered it again. You must have just missed it the first time, bro. Good video man keep it up. πŸ‘

  3. These guys are all paid to gamble and also allowed to tell u not to gamble. Xposed train and all. Think about it the casinos paying these guys to tell us not to gamble why? Because they know it’ll do the opposite effect and people will be enticed by these videos. While your channel may be helping people not gamble I can guarantee you it’ll still give many people the itch to gamble after watching these vids. You may mean well but any publicity these guys can get will create a bigger problem in the end. If you want to help people not game find better ways

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