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We will be revisiting The Wilson Method in today’s video. This follows on from a subscriber suggestion regarding utilising the Stearn betting method. We will look at this and apply it to the previous data. Thanks for the question Darren.

Also, I will show you how to modify one of the money management approaches to produce more profit using a simple analysis technique.


This series is dedicated to addressing the 1000’s of Casino game strategies and systems you will find on YouTube and the internet and providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision as to using them or not.

The strategies we will look at will predominantly be around the Casino games of Roulette and Baccarat but will also include other Casino games.

The aim here is not to promote gambling as a way of life, but to ensure that if you do play Casino games, you play them with the knowledge needed and play for entertainment only.

Please remember though, gambling can have a significant impact on your financial position as well as affecting your family and friends.

🔹 Don’t think of gambling as a way of making money.
🔹 Only gamble with money you can afford to lose.
🔹 Take frequent breaks.

Ultimately, the Casino has a mathematical advantage so you will LOSE in the long term.

If gambling is affecting you then please speak to your family or a professional organisation such as ‘BeGambleAware’. A link to their website can be found below.

Have fun and play sensibly…

🔞 BeGambleAware™️ – https://www.begambleaware.org/



Evolution Live Baccarat

🔹 Table Limit, 1.00 to 2,500
🔹 Live Croupier
🔹 1000 Hands
🔹 8-Deck Clear Plastic Manual Shoe
🔹 5% Commission on Banker
🔹 Approximately 12 hours of continuous play with 23 Croupier changes

Play is modelled in Microsoft Excel with a 100 Unit bankroll.
(1.00 = 1 Unit)


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Baccarat Strategy


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Stratégie de Baccarat

Estrategia de Baccarat

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9 thoughts on “WILSON METHOD REVISITED | STEARN | IMPROVEMENT – Baccarat Strategy Review

  1. Hi I appreciate your time to analyse the stearn method I suggested. Keep up the good work. Darren lee. 😊

  2. Would love to see the results if you parlay the win vs simply just re-betting. As an example bet 1 lose, bet 1 win, parlay bet 2 win go back to the first 1. if you lose bet your third 1 if win parlay, if the parlay loses move to the first 2 bet. If the parlay wins go back to the first 1. Hope this makes sense. THANKS

  3. The Stearn Method uses Parlay after a win. If it loses it continues the staking sequence. Only parlay after a loss. If first bet in sequence wins, stay at that bet. No need to parlay.

  4. If we bet the 3 step method only after the trigger PPBP. Do we bet BBP only, then wait for the next trigger?

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