10 thoughts on “YouTube Baccarat Scammer Christopher Mitchell is back! My absence explained. Betting Strategies.

  1. Thanks for baring with me everyone. Not feeling anywhere close to myself. Really appreciate the support. It means a lot!

  2. Chris free Jeff we need post badly.Jeff's posts are funny as hell and truthful.Thanks Jeff hope u post soon.Miss your videos.

  3. Hard work pays! If a ball lands on 00 in the middle of the forest will 99% of people all around the world know about it? YES. The word really must be circulating at the tables and elsewhere for quite a while now… YT tricks can only get a trickster so far.

  4. Chrissy Don’t Call Me happy Mitchell hasn’t posted anything in 6 days after that debacle video of him playing online roulette 😂

  5. Read about what JESUS did this is mine blowing. Can you believe this, did you ever hear of this about HIM

    Romans 10:5/10, c u there

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