Baccarat Dragon Bonus Live by Ezugi

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Baccarat is one of the easiest games to master, a favorite among casino players, especially high rollers.
Dragon Bonus is a side bet on the classic Baccarat game which can be made on either the banker or player.
This side bet wins when the hand bet upon has a higher natural point count than the opposite hand, or if the winning hand
is at least four points higher than the losing hand.

• Five new betting options
• Increased potential income for operators
• Familiar game rules
• Exciting playing experience
• A favorite for Asian players

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Baccarat Dragon Bonus Live by Ezugi

2 thoughts on “Baccarat Dragon Bonus Live by Ezugi

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  2. this casino is a big scam.. avoid… when u see video breaks suddenly, video buffer without reason, when u feel the top card was not pulled… remember they will let u win a while to gain your confidence. then u are done… they use all the latest tricks and boom u lost it all .u will fail every fuking bet you play, and remember the game is such that you have to double up the amount at certain point and boom out of 15 bets u will hardly win 2, and those the smallest bet you play…when its your turn to be scammed and cheated you will not win any bet in rows.. and be careful of this ladies, they are here from 5 -8 years and wont change dealers as they dont want many ppl to know they are scamming.. there are evidence of rigged shoe and bottom dealing and cameras all around to see the coming card much before we bet

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