Baccarat Martingale System put to the Test #22

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Baccarat Martingale System PPP/BBB put to the Test #22

In this Video, Craig preforms a Test on the PPP/BBB System with Martingale.

How to play baccarat and make $100 or more a day.
A look into how I play baccarat for consistent winning.

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Baccarat Martingale System put to the Test #22

9 thoughts on “Baccarat Martingale System put to the Test #22

  1. I dig it. The only that can catch you is a 5 curtain if you start betting on second win. EX. 2 bankers show, you bet 3 players, then start betting banker, and 5 bankers hit.

  2. I never played this, but went to casino yesterday and as I was sitting down a Player run of 5 was followed by 3 Bankers. ๐Ÿ™„
    Later in the shoe. It went bust again, and that 1 shoe, thank God I dont do any Marty systems.
    But 5 in a row followed by 3 in a row is not that rare of a pattern.
    Too risky

  3. Had a few challenging moments. But you toughed it out and got the win. Congratulations to you :}

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