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Here introduce our newest baccarat poker shoe from It is more advanced than the previous baccarat poker shoe, we install a hidden lens inside the transparent baccarat poker shoe and it works with poker analyzer. The hidden lens is very small and naked eyes can not see it.
Barcode marked cards are used together with this baccarat poker shoe. When the cards are shuffled well and put into the baccarat poker shoe, the camera will scan the barcode and send the scanning result to poker analyzer, you will easily know whether the banker wins or the player wins. There is a mini earphone or vibrator could be used to hear the result. This transparent baccarat poker shoe is very powerful, and with 100% accuracy.

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Baccarat Poker Cheating Shoe

10 thoughts on “Baccarat Poker Cheating Shoe

  1. i am pretty sure those newer bac shufflemasters can prearrange the 8 deck shoe to deal out the cards how ever the casinos want. thats their business and they can do whatever they want. but you still have to place the bet on either Banker/Player completely of your choice. (ignoring the sucker side bets like tie, dragon, panda etc…) it really dont matter if the casino pre-arranged the deck or not. you place your bet on what you think will hit next, the casino can not control that aspect. it may streak 10 times, go choppy, doubles, triples, never go down past 2 or 3 etc… whatever pattern you see. here are my tips after playing this game for 15 years…
    -bring throw away money/bankroll (if you lost it all it wont hurt you the slightest)
    -if your ahead, even by 1 or 2, QUIT if you see that you are not going any higher, always tomorrow
    -bring large bankroll (my philosophy is easier to win 100 if ur BR is 5000 then bring 100 and try to win 5000)
    -complete utter super incredible SELF CONTROL AND PATIENCE
    -systems people sell are whack…. go with the flow. choppy, play chop. streaking, play streak, doubling, play double. etc….
    -you dont have to play every hand, I repeat.. you dont have to play every hand.
    -play commission free bac if your casino offers it with out any strings (push on 6 etc…)
    -flat bet min if your losing or on losing streak never "all in" (better yet leave, always tomorrow)
    -progressive bet if you are winning, now is the time to push your bets (if you ever want to "all in" now is a better time then when you just lost 3 bets in a row)
    -quit when you are ahead
    -did i mention quit while you are ahead yet?
    -i am just gonna say it again… quit when you are ahead

  2. All casinos are 10000% scams… It's all auto changed using AI technology, whether its table or jackpots.

  3. Most casino's dont have to cheat lol they have major edges from the very start of every game expect blackjack if u play perfect basic strategy count perfectly and have a 1 to 12 or 1 to 15 betting scale then u have the advantage Blackjack is the only game were if u practice for a couple hundred hours u have the edge over the house between. 25% all the way to 2% or3% depending on the different types of things u have learned and skills u have 👍🏻 anyone that says otherwise is very easy influenced and should do there research or hell maybe try it urself and over the span of a 300 hour session at the tables tell me if im a lier or not YEA ur welcome i just made u money instead of losing it hahaha

  4. iam lossing 1k today bacccarat and i see same card on my table and impossible chance for dealer win . casino online we done . guys i tell you dont play baccarat online at s*obe* scamm . save your money

  5. 现在赌场的科技,1.脸部对比(facial recognition) ,2. 电脑空盘 (server monitoring and change management for autochange in all tables and slot machines ), 3. 笔录电视空盘 (24 hrs CCTV monitoring), 4. AI (artificial intellegence) to control all outcomes of tables and gaming slot machines, 任何一个赌注的桌子, 老虎机都能用电脑控制,只有傻子才会相信这影片的鬼话。很可惜,只有赌鬼不知道后果,他们以为钱会从天上掉下来,我做一件好事,不要去赌场,下场都很可怜。我相信这是1000% 骗人,我做一10000%好事。Stay far away from casino for your own good. May God bless you.

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