Baccarat & Roulette Winning Formula

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Baccarat & Roulette Winning Formula

10 thoughts on “Baccarat & Roulette Winning Formula

  1. Comment of a Customer,

    Just wanted to say the formula works well on the main board but I actually used it yesterday on one of the derived roads (the small road) and it worked really good. I find pattern sequences are more consistent and easier on your psychology. You lose bets but your big bet usually hits on the first attempt. Waiting for two hands really helps as well.

  2. To Logical Experts 77,
    I have Bought quite an Expensive Formula for Baccarat n It was a Failure Ar!
    I would to Test Your Formula for It's Accuracy so pls Send It to

  3. Acabo de hacer la prueba hace escasos 5 minutos y de verdad que estoy sorprendida, ganamos 100 en 24 manos con 15 aciertos y 9 errores. Espero poder interiorizar la formula para llevarla acabo de la mejor manera y seguir teniendo ganancias. Además el trato fue muy grato. Super contenta y agradecida!

    I just did the test we played 24 hands of which we won 15 and lost 9. I'm impressed and grateful, I found a way to stop losing. Now I just hope I can internalize the formula correctly to continue with the positive results. To study has been said!!! I forgot the attention and interest of them because one achieves it is truly comforting. I can only say thank you!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration video and love to see more inspirational videos like this and the trial test which we had was an sucess one and you are an good trainer too i gonaa purchase this formula today yesturday i had an session in which out of 30 hands i won 20 plus hands and i was an winner need to follow his formula and set an positive target daily thank you sir for making me understand the theorm so well very nice instructor finall guys please take his instructions and go ahead.

  5. Amazing Stuff! I have no idea how Logical Experts was able to precisely meet my winning targets! 👍💰

  6. Try the test that is on offer, guys! LE777 is patient, methodical and very supportive. My test generated a hypothetical profit of 23 units. It's remarkable!

  7. I was curious to see how good the Logical Formula is that i contacted logicalexperts777 and have an online test which results look promising. I decided to purchase the logical formula to explore further. The formula was comprehensive and well written. Also whenever i needed further information or have query, logicalexperts777 was professional in their service with prompt response and answer to my query. The mathematical formula makes sense and as mentioned it provides a very good chance of coming out of the casino a winner. Of course gamblers needs to be discipline as no strategy will provide 100% winning chance otherwise casino would have gone broke long time ago. But if gamblers set up a realistic winning target and only gamble what they can afford they can make their gambling experience more positive. As for LogicalExperts777, they don't claim to make you rich, however their mathematical proven formula provide a good strategy and a very good probability of winning.

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