10 thoughts on “baccarat scammer christopher mitchell & stacy doesnt pay her child support soon to become felon

  1. Your the killer Ape man. Make that bitch pay her Child support. If i didnt pay child support my ass would be thrown in Jail.. I dont know how these deadbeats get away with it…..

  2. Motivational mom ADVERTISES she is raising her baby at the Bellagio, a place where by law minors are not even allowed.
    It can't get funnier than that.
    I can't express my thanks for your original, entertaining, alerting, true content.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Hey Kevin this is Jeremy, just wondering do you or Nubs have any used Colin Jones blackjack books i can buy ? If you do let me know i will pay you in bitcoins and give you my mailing address. i really don't feel like watching all his videos to win the book.

  4. You strike me as the kind of guy that lives with his parents kinda like Ray Finkle (ace ventura). In your case it’s pictures and posters of Chris Mitchell all over your bedroom walls instead of Miami Dolphins.

  5. Kevin take a bow!!

    Sensational as always.

    Rid these two of LasVegas and send the dirty trash home.
    Stacey you are a disgrace. Unfortunately for your son, CM will leave his legacy and your son will a scam artist just like mummy and daddy!

    Pay your child support!!

  6. Thanks for grabbing that screenshot of me calling him a liar and posting it on Todd's site.

    Only way he's getting a 100% edge is the money he's conning out of these stupid ploppies!

  7. How do you know all this whares the proof she doesn’t pay her child support you sound like a straight hater tbt

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