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I am a gambler who loves casino games. Over the years, I’ve just lost it over and over again. So, in order to find a big change for me, I studied various patterns through simulation and learned various system strategies. Of course, my strategies are not 100% systems.
Because there is never a 100% system strategy. The odds of playing baccarat are 50%. Therefore, even when we proceed with system betting, if we maintain a winning rate of 50%, we will eventually make a profit.
The bottom line is not to play casino games for a long time.
In casino games, no matter how much capital you have, if you bet for a long time, you will unconditionally go all-in.
Still I study the strategy of baccarat.
This is because new patterns are always discovered through the simulation of baccarat. When a new pattern is discovered, it is always updated.
Because it is impossible to memorize the pattern in the human head.

I always support gamblers.
We created a community where gamblers can communicate with each other. Please share some good strategies or system bets here.

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