10 thoughts on “Baccarat System – Fly The Baccarat Interceptor Baccarat Method

  1. If they is method, why would he shared it to you?? You can make money secretly right? right up loader?

  2. How hard is it to learn the differenve between lose and loose? Your credibility jumped right out the window the second I saw that simple error.

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  4. Found a copy of Baccarat Interceptor online. The guide is poorly written and really a bunch of garbage. The author uses a lot of his own made-up terminology that he doesn't even bother to define. He also inexplicably USES CAPITAL LETTERS throughout his book. The strategy boils down to this: Try to repeat the pattern of the past two hands. If you lose, switch your bet to the other side. Oh yeah, the author also suggests using the (discredited) Martingale Betting system.

  5. The very best Baccarat book I bought on Amazon was ‘The Ultimate Golden Secret Baccarat Winning Strategy’ it’s an amazing baccarat system, very reliable. The odds of winning outperform most of the other systems I know about.

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