Baccarat Winning Strategy – $10 to $1000 Flat Betting – Live Session #4

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I am trying a new strategy using the “Bead Road”. The goal of those videos will be to show you that when you are trying a new strategy, you need to start with a small bankroll because if you don’t and you realize that it’s not working well, you will lost a lot more than if you had start with small money. I will target a maximum of 5 units to win every session.

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Baccarat Winning Strategy – $10 to $1000 Flat Betting – Live Session #4

8 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy – $10 to $1000 Flat Betting – Live Session #4

  1. You are not getting enough sleep! Lack of sleep means lack of concentration! It's a recipe for disaster! Anyway, win, lose or draw so far? TQ

  2. Is this still up? I didnt see it on your page but its on my history so im watching it now before I cant find it again

  3. Yeah this is what I call ADVANCED MATERIAL!! You were amazing here. It FINALLY hit me what you are doing when you demonstrated it in this video. If you playing tomorrow in ( your ) evening I will try to catch it and hang with you a little longer. If I can't then my GREATEST apologies I want to be here for your journey.
    Catch you soon I hope? 😎

  4. I am a conservative player and I've been playing your strategy on 3s and 4s and out of 10 shoes so far I am averaging 3 units a shoe! Thanks a lot Cheetos for this great flat betting system:)

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