6 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy – $40 Profit – Bead Road

  1. Do You play banker player player ? And when you lose then martingale ?

  2. Great session cheeto…what is your goal how far you can go? 10k? or will you continue this challenge even further?

  3. Hey Cheetosbaccarat !! Doing just incredible. Im going to email 📧 you in a day or two if possible to discuss something I have figured out. What I meant last night to say was a person should have at least Bankroll of 100x the Base bet. Example 1,000 means you can play 10. I meant to say at a point you have to play alot LESS than 1% of a Bankroll to continue moving forward because at some point the Base Bet gets just IGNORANT. ( no matter how much you have ). But I will be in touch with you soon.
    Once more your doing GREAT my ole pal 😎

  4. Really funny ! The only result by online casinos is the decision from the casino control room ! All is a controlled fraud,I was working in the past in this business ! Forget all strategies by online casinos ! You invest your time and you lost your money !

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