5 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy ” LIVE PLAY .. REAL $$ By Gambling Chi 5/7/2021

  1. Another nice video! I will however have to disagree with your assessment that all systems are going to fail! Yes they will fail in the long run, theoretically. But there are things you and i do to combat this. You know how to get out and take a profit where others get greedy and lose. Sure a system can’t win every shoe but i seem to do better when i stick to one system for the whole shoe. As you know we are not here for the long run. That’s the major difference between what the math gurus such as wizard of odds and myself. There are a lot of other variables such as just being able to walk away when you want that the experts or a computer can’t measure.

  2. The first string of going -10 -15 -20 +25win then next +25 win you were down -$2.25 but HEY!! There are very worse things….. Right?
    I finish watching and comment you later this afternoon.

  3. This MM did very well. More times then not the $15 bet won. Which nothing is wrong with that. We both know L W L W is a wonderful sequence for us. This is not exact but similar to the $25 then $30 example I gave few months back. I certainly think you could add this into your chamber of MM systems.
    See you next time. 😎

  4. I think Howard meant for it to have a stop loss which I’m guessing you were not using. But never the less, maybe a good add on dropping two after 2 wins. I haven’t worked the math to see how beneficial it would be, but always good to try new things. I am trying it out with another system. So far it has worked well for money management. However, sometimes getting 2 wins in a row can seem next to possible, so longer term study of multiple bad sessions will be needed to see if it’s any better or worse then any other way 🤓

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