Baccarat XL – 100$ to 900$ (TIE HUNTER)

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Hey Guys 🙂
A quick fresh video – From just 100$ to 920$ in 3 fast sessions !!

In this video I show that predicting TIEs is VERY possible 🙂

Baccarat PRO Player Money management system:

My latest video aboutTable Hopping:

My Baccarat Winning Strategy is not for sale, I am not teaching you How To Make Profit Playing Baccarat In This video!!

*I want to teach you first how to gamble in general!*

Leave a comment guys.. Lets start a Smart gambling Community!

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Baccarat XL – 100$ to 900$ (TIE HUNTER)

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  1. Nevermind just read the description..
    Can you recommend a good online casino for Australia?

  2. Wow that was very impressive ! You should do more videos with your commentary and thought process when playing. Pretty sure everyone would be interested 😀

  3. if you played long enough, you would not." stick" and u bet big.on.this.rule.

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