10 thoughts on “Christopher Mitchell Baccarat Scammer’s 5 tips why people lose in casinos

  1. I agree with everything you said here. I'm just curious… how do you know his money is fake? Thanks!

  2. Great job pointing out that Chompers Maxissimo Slugger, aka Math Wizard TM, had no shame in breaking in a brand new casino to his marketing and PR. At this point, 99% of people may be wondering what temperament, mindset, foods, drinks, other substances, etc. may cause someone to flick their tongue in and out like a snake as Chompers Maxissimo Slugger seems to always do. Snake… Some snakes good, some snakes very bad that will violate all casino rules and back away from any and all challenges which should be a slam dunk winner for them just like when they were the NBA All Star Game Slam Dunk Champion from 2007 – 2010. Also, them aviators outside and inside looking like Sundowner from Top Gun really are the folks man as well as broadcasting their Grand Birthday Gala/ Kick in the Butt Camp TM months in advance so people 'won't miss out due to high demand and limited availability'.

  3. the tattoo doesn't look the same . CM's tattoo has the text "Philippeans 4:13" at the bottom which isn't the case in the other guy's tattoo

  4. when I went to give his latest video a thumbs down he took off the count so the viewers can't see his thumbs down surpasses the thumbs up… i can't believe YT allows this clown to operate

  5. C'mon man – Slugger, the truth challenge that Kevin offered is such easy money for you! Did you misplace the invitation? After all, you constantly brag that you are at the top of the @#%$ mountains looking down at all of us commoners. And of the best things about you is that you pound the table stating that all the people surrounding you are one person – ok lol. 99% of us think you will score a perfect….. 0 for 30! We are confident! 😹

  6. Chrissy is a freaking bastard! He says he hustles, scams and then puts his hand on the bible. Chrissy, you little, bald-headed dork! You will be severely punished by God! Stacy, why do you put up with this stupid guy?

  7. KD, makes you wonder why they haven't used some of his real money to pay the back child support owed by Stacy. Because the money is fake.

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