DAY 4 | 2nd Banker + Star Betting Strategy!! | STAR SURVIVAL SERIES

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Combining Second Banker with the STAR Betting Strategy on Day 4! Can we win our 3-5 units?

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✅STAR 2.0 Strategy:

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DAY 4 | 2nd Banker + Star Betting Strategy!! | STAR SURVIVAL SERIES

10 thoughts on “DAY 4 | 2nd Banker + Star Betting Strategy!! | STAR SURVIVAL SERIES

  1. Why don’t you answer me about this vs 3-5. Which is better? A lot of us want to know.

  2. I dont understand why some comments say it is more aggressive, I think its more forgiving as a betting strategy. Not sure about betting player so much. I really liked following the winner a lot. I suppose it all works out close to 50 50 anyway. I like the continuous nature, I hate waiting to bet. Cant always find a table with other players to get free hands.

  3. Are you only looking at streak to achieve second banker or you are also tracing second banker in the line ?

  4. After finding your channel, started watching all of your videos from the first one….few to go lol
    I am amazed by your intelligence. knowledge and how pleasant person you are. I feel like I know you and like we've been friends for long time…I believe many people feel that way.
    Love this strategy and as we can see it can handle bad shoe pretty good. But we all know super bad run will come at some stage and we will lose our 49 units.
    My question is… do we recover that loss? It would be very hard and we would need too many sessions and wins. Or do you have a good plan for that too? 🙂

  5. Thanks for the video.
    Can you tell me where Me where I can play online multi game baccarat
    Thank you.

  6. If long streak like 13-14 banker comes than we are dead…so I prefer to mix max 2-3 system at least if any one stragey work for you just 2 time in a row then we will be in profit…

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