How to Cheat at Mini Baccarat | Cheating Vegas

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Mini Baccarat is one of the rare gambling games in which players are allowed to record which cards have already been played. Learn how this system can be cheated if the dealer is in on the game.

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How to Cheat at Mini Baccarat | Cheating Vegas

6 thoughts on “How to Cheat at Mini Baccarat | Cheating Vegas

  1. This is a more clever scam compared to the others shown. However, it's always difficult not to be greedy. But in the end, they're all greedy.

  2. I won $2,000 at baccarat one night!! And then the casino offered me a ^600 dollar room, and I bought it and some high priced food!! Left the next day with about 500 in my pocket!! It really is like a coin flip! Instead of trying to understand the ins and outs, i flip a quarter in my spare time to bet on banker and player, even though im mostly a player bettor!! I love hanging out with all the asians also. They're kind, respectful, and always remember your face to say hello!

  3. Just remember to just have fun!! If you try to make a living in a casino, a harsh reality soon awaits you!! You will also, forget you're on planet earth, as your retina misses the sun!! Many blessing and light to all!! Good Luck , as always!!!

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