How to Safety make money Baccarat System

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How to make money Playing Baccarat at the casino,
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New System, Fast Money Maker,
Mirror system and Debbie’s system video

Debbie’s online System Slow and safe system
Bet you can’t lose system
Chad’s system

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How to Safety make money Baccarat  System

10 thoughts on “How to Safety make money Baccarat System

  1. Please do more strategies based off the bead road. And keep up the good work. I have learned a treasure trove of knowledge from you and your followers

  2. Well done Wilson. I've always wondered though, if you wait for a pattern, aren't you just filtering out the worst possible scenario. Sure it will take a while to step into it but aren't you just guaranteeing that you do step into it by waiting for the first so many matching of any pattern. I think your original idea of random stepping into any shoe is much better than waiting for a pattern and hoping it does whatever next.

  3. The problem is, how far are you willing to take the Marty or whatever MM you plan on playing if you keep losing??

  4. watching from Manila. Philippines.
    your pattern. BBP is best use when there is a TRANSFER OR FIRST COLOR CHANGE… i think that is the best time to use BBP. However. PPB OR exact opposite may occur because of casinos card shuffling. losses may result.
    STOP betting for 9 times..
    then its time to use the RECOVERY bet progression. 3.6.9. to recover loss from 1.2.4. bet. then 1.3.7. and 3.6.9.
    AFTER RECOVERY bet change to usual progression of 1.2.4.
    meet target of 21 units… then clock out.
    Bound for home. casino wll always be there… no need to stay a minute longer when target is met

  5. Don't care what anyone says, doesn't matter what 6 hand stragety you play and when, it all comes down to luck at the time of play.
    Believe me, I have had 23 tables to choose from, I have been burnt before playing BBPBBP on the first shue I've played and also have been burnt playing mirror on the first table I played, tell me that's not bad luck.

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