“I’m One of the Best Baccarat Players in the World”- JC Alvarado

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Poker player J.C. Alvarado explains why he didn’t play poker most of the summer. After some time off, he flew to Jeju, South Korea for the Triton Super High Roller Series. He opted out of the last Triton series to play online poker, and we ask how he chooses his online versus live poker schedule. He also reveals some of his Baccarat tips and tricks. Baccarat is a very popular table game in asian casinos. He explains his superstitions and what makes it so fun to play.

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“I’m One of the Best Baccarat Players in the World”- JC Alvarado

10 thoughts on ““I’m One of the Best Baccarat Players in the World”- JC Alvarado

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  2. He is an guy! Squeeze the cards. Different types of squeezes depending on the card you need? Really? He has more luck than sense.

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  4. I was a professional baccarat player. There's more to baccarat than "scoreboards" and "lucky charms". I'd analysed the game for about 8 years. J.C. Alvarado is a moron. Squeezing is usually for leisure players. I only squeezed when I bet the maximum, $100,000 AUD. I don't play baccarat anymore. I'd won $5.526,000 from my final session in The Star Sydney. I haven't gambled since 2017. And I will never return to the casinos, ever again. Despite my win, my career in gambling was stressful. The swings of huge losses and wins, it's unbearable.

  5. What makes the Asians successful at Baccarat is because they are really rich and are extremely fearless!! They suffer massive losses also.

  6. At the beginning of the shoe, bet 1 unit on Player. If you win, cash out. If you lose, go home because it's not your day.

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