10 thoughts on “Martingale and Marty +1 explained and Baccarat sessions using both!

  1. Thanks for the video. How long do you play for?
    I cant see anyone driving to a casino an hour or more and leaving after 8 minutes.
    I wouldnt play online with someone else's money. How do you trust them? I have a suspicion if you won $500 and tried to cash out they would suddenly have technical diifficulties and couldn't pay out.
    As far as going bust the number one reason for losses in the long run is math/odds in the short run it is the all of the factors involved in player psychology.

  2. VERY informative and useful video. I enjoyed watching this. Maybe one day i can made them like this huh??

  3. Brian get to YTSE He put a video up of Jason Sample and I called him out for no proof!

  4. Great video, what do u think about 2x units ur bets after losing 6 marty?( i personally prefer 5 marty +1 system) , if I happen to hit a losing streak, instead of chasing losses I STOP and start over w 2x betting units+2 (2, 6,14…). so this way recouping losses back and getting back on Green again without risking huge losses..

  5. I also 10 units goal is a bit risky, I think 4 or 5 units win and GET OUT. works better in long run.

  6. This is about the best and most down to Earth explanation of Martingale, its benefits, and its risks that I have ever watched. I like how you positioned it for what it is…it can win money in a lot of circumstances where you make some quick hits but has the risk of dropping the six in a row, which actually can happen a lot more often than some people would acknowledge. I don’t play Baccarat…but I can see why the Martingale would work possibly better there tha it would in Blackjack. There are other videos out there where this is positioned to be something that wins nearly 100% of the time…which of course just isn’t;t true as you’ve correctly pointed out (if it did wrk for anyone 100% of the time either the casinos would be out of business or they;d at least have to stop offering Baccarat). I was in Vegas a couple of weeks ago and tried it a bit…with mixed results. thankfully I did flat betting as well and the combination therein eventually put me on the plus side for my trip

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