10 thoughts on “MFK Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau De Parfum | Silky Sensual

  1. This smells absolutely amazing and magical and whoever thinks otherwise is simply dumb to be honest..that cotton candy sweetness with the salty ambergris accord plus a little bit of minty green feel is just tp die for..wow..they hype is real indeed

  2. I would love if you could compare this with the new Montale Sensual Instinct. My perception is that Baccarat has a more complex structure (clean and fresh like Byredo perfumes) while Montale has not a great structure, in the sense that you have opening notes and then the final notes. I think i would prefer Baccarat but it s too expensive for me.

  3. Any known clones similar to this fragrance?

    And if anyone knows of any clones similar to gentle fluidity golf or silver that would also be very helpful.

    Trying to get more in the fragrance game and I really like these fragrances but not the prices.

  4. Is Paris corner rouge similar to this, I can't affort this so I think I will try the alternative.

  5. Up until now i cant quite understand what im smelling with this br540 😅 but one things for sure im super inlove with this scent!

  6. Layering with Ouds.. that is what Initio did with this accord..OUD for greatness..

  7. I've Heard it's a all or nothing kind of a perfume… either your gonna fall in love with it or you're gonna have a spinning head for a long time…that's why am scared.. anyone knows any good clone of this???

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