STAR 2.0 Betting Strategy!! Better than the original?

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Original STAR Betting Strategy:

With some adjustments to the STAR Betting Strategy, you now have to win back-to-back times only ONCE! I call it … STAR 2.0 !!!


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STAR 2.0 Betting Strategy!! Better than the original?

10 thoughts on “STAR 2.0 Betting Strategy!! Better than the original?

  1. Hey Rafael, have been playing your Star 2.0 betting stragety for the past week every day with great success and was loving this betting stragety, but have to say, I went thru the whole betting stragety, that's 17 bets with out winning once back to back, hard to believe but it happen.
    I was playing the X with the mirror.

  2. I think is wrong the count at level 5 and 10 when you win first attempt and lose parlay.
    After first stage you are -7 , then if you WIN 1st attempt you are -7+5= -2 then you LOSE Parlay and result was -2-10= -12 but you type +3.
    What is wrong ?

  3. Thank you Sir for this strategy , with the combination of rare really works..

  4. What is the UNIT SIZE?? I can’t understand.

    Let’s say I start with 1500€ bank how do i set my starting bettings?

  5. A thing to remember… Each and Every bet is a selection of 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 … In a row to continue in a row or not to continue, regardless of your betting selection, method, or strategy. And is dictated by the predictable percentage of occurrences of these 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 … Which is 50% , 25% , 12.5% , 6.25% … and so forth… This is the cause of failure of betting selection methods..
    For example 2 in a row occurrence is 25% … The remaining 3,4,5,6 … To Infinity is equal to 25%. Another example , just take the 1 in a row occurrence at 50%. The 2,3,4,5… To infinity is also equal to 50%…
    So you're thinking, I can bet on the 1 one unit and 2 two unit Martingale and win 75% of the time.. However if you miss, that is 3 units total × 25% ( remaining above 2) = 75%… back to zero net win .
    Isn't this fun !

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