Super Easy Winning Baccarat Strategy

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Easy strategy to follow along with. The account used in this video is “funny money” with real dealers. I’m not trying to mislead anyone with my actual account balance. Most of the $80,000 was won using this strategy!

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Gambling is risky and should be done as entertainment. I cannot be held responsible for anyone’s losses. Don’t gamble more than you can handle!

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Super Easy Winning Baccarat Strategy

6 thoughts on “Super Easy Winning Baccarat Strategy

  1. Thanks Mike for the video. What platform are you using to access evolution tables? Any trouble cashing out? Ok you said send an email. Will do

  2. Hey Mike I saw a money management system that I think would work good with this its a lower risk but you have to hit 2 in a row to recover loses. I saw it on The Roulette Master you tube video basically once you win after loses you parlay the 2nd bet and you will be in profit I think it goes like this. 1 1 2 2 3 4 5 7 10 15 20 25 30 what are your thoughts… I mean. If you have the bankroll and what your doing works why change but for someone who wants a lower risk I think this might work

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