[The Inversion Method] NEW Baccarat Betting Strategy + 100% Focused On Patterns To Win $200+ HR!

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Introducing my All-New Baccarat Betting Strategy 100% Focused On Playing Patterns, And Inversions To Win $200+ Per Hour/Shoe.

…The Inversion Method is by far the best strategy I’ve come up with that allowed me to take a $500 stack and go to $1500 in a single day of playing and every bet I made had an 85% accuracy.

There are far too many patterns and inversions to name off and how to play each one so you’ll need to watch and re-watch this system until you understand what I’m doing and how I’m reading the board, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see why it works!

As soon as I get my stack up another $1000 playing this system, I’ll be ready to Debut this system to ALL in real money mode.

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[The Inversion Method] NEW Baccarat Betting Strategy + 100% Focused On Patterns To Win $200+ HR!

10 thoughts on “[The Inversion Method] NEW Baccarat Betting Strategy + 100% Focused On Patterns To Win $200+ HR!

  1. isnt this the same as betting against the streak?…enjoying the content keep it up…:)

  2. Lol dude. U r sort of reading stock chart or something, like trading, waiting for moments where u feel it's logical for a buy in.
    Quite interesting dude

  3. thats the thing about playing " the' software ..i do not like … 'real cards' real game ..i believe ..just the way to go …thanks Brunson …

  4. Fascinating, to be sure, but attempting to accurately predict the next winner is destined to be shot down when the Greek God of Probability (Tyche) eventually directs her gaze elsewhere… oddly I have less ‘luck’ with Blackjack even though predictability is higher because I am required to put up my stake before dealing… I personally think the key to Baccarat is to have enough bank roll to churn through losses until you win a low win target, not to predict the next winning hand.

    I have started playing one hand only, switching to the other hand after three successive losses: with the right size bankroll, small negative progression and a 3-4 unit win target, every shoe I play wins, at least until i run into the shoe that will lose me bankroll… ROFL!

  5. Brunson. Look at bovada.lv. Choose casino and baccarat. When it asks you to log in just click the x and it will let you play unlimited. Played a lot today with it and it plays more like the real deal. Maybe do some vids with it.

  6. Fu*k dude I just lost 300 dollars today ( well half was to red and black on roulette) and I didn't play your new system at all correct in baccarat today I couldn't quite grasp it i only could draw bits and pieces of the correct way to play the system from this video but that my fault for trying to wing it I was to excited … I'm going to keep watching this video but I hope you make another one explaining it in a slightly different manner …I'm sure it's simple to get down just takes some memory and different explaining to water down the lost in translation effect

  7. Now your reading the shoe. This is very close to what I was leaning to try to explain. There’s three patterns to the game. Chop, twos and tails or talons. When the mix happens between anyone you look at the 75/80% dominate and bet hard the other side like you did. It’s not the software it’s real life. You bet without knowing to go the other way against the 75%. It’s right there bro. Keep your triple threat when your pbpbbpbpb for example. Those are tails in there own right. Keep kicking ass your so right there. And try another software or app to compare against. Peace.

  8. Yo BB ! your rap and lyrics is awesome. Keep up the good work brother. I don't understand why would anyone want to leave negative comments on your channel. (thumbs up! )

  9. Congrats on the winning. I do appreciate your efforts in play. Can’t wait for real money. 👍👍👍

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