10 thoughts on “The Path to Becoming a Professional Baccarat Player

  1. A lot of harsh comments here for no reason. If you've gambled for while, you will understand what Keith? is saying. It's conservative, but it is sound advice especially to all you impatient money hungry noobs. The difference between being a winner vs gambling away your home, is not that great. It can be summed up with one word -control

  2. Keep an eye on the tie , the tie is the worst odds to bet on , but on average the tie falls every 9 hands , when the tie falls start counting how many times the hands fall without a tie , when the non tie count reaches 9 the odds of the tie falling really start to increase with each passing hand , I personally try and wait until the non tie count is at least 20 hands with out a tie before I bet on tie , then I'll bet say 20 bucks 9 times in a row , after the 9th hand with out a tie , I'll Martin gale the bet to 40 a hand , but most of the time it's not going to take 30 hands before the tie hits again , but the longer you can wait before tie batting the greater your odds .

  3. Is always that words simple but not eazy.
    1]Don't stay in gambling too long 1 to 2 hrs then rest. Coz we are human brain will get tired so must rest.
    2] once you reach your winning or losing target then run like hell.
    Usually gamble can win eazy when starting and reach the target very soon that is why
    3] money management like your capital start with and safest amount to bet with to meet your 10% target or 20% target.
    4] then learn compound winning.
    Like target win after certain amount then increase the capital and target win.
    5] always remember don't be greedy.
    If u can meet this five u can made 1million more. After 1 year. 4 sure
    So basically is not really the patten is more about money management.

  4. There is only one advantage player can have against casino. Player can stop when running bad and keeping on playing when running good. Casino can't quit when running bad. They have to play all the time. So if you master when to stop, I think you can beat casino.

  5. No betting pattern or betting system can ever beat the casino. Your playing a negative EV game. If there was a winning system the casino's would crumble and we would all quit our jobs and live the good life. Only way to win in the long run is card counting in blackjack and only betting when your +EV and have odds and math's in your favour. Even at +EV you could still lose. Sorry but anything else is a fallacy. REALITY FOLKS

  6. Great content. I’m a professional blackjack player but I’ve also been playing poker alot more lately. I want to learn baccarat too, I’ll probably join the club after the World Series of poker this summer.

  7. Snake oil salesman, NOR, OTBL, System 40, all nonsense peddled by Ellis Clifton Davies, the legacy continues by Keith.

  8. I'm a poker player . Winning. I like ur videos. But I have something that would blow ur mind. But I'll keep some records and someday I might reach out.
    But bacarrat is the best game . Forget the math. Fyi the seat at any table will win money for the casino due to time and large numbers .
    But when I sit down the seat isn't profitable due to variance. Exploit the casinos variance.

  9. There are professional players – that is a fact. But it requires hard work and a substantial bankroll. Most people don’t have the ambition or the bankroll. That is why the casinos don’t shut the game down. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Only the people that want to grind can make a living at this game.

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