Underdog 3 bit my A$$

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Learn another strategy. Shout out to Mikey and Rich Fortner

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Underdog 3 bit my A$$

10 thoughts on “Underdog 3 bit my A$$

  1. This is not the way you play it. Your screwed up from bet one. Then you tell it fails. Unbelievable. I have been playing it the right way and have not lost in over a month.

  2. join the group. It’s spelled out in many videos. You don’t look back at the last three. The bead road is divided into 3’s. So hands 123 and 456 are the 3’s you look at.

    In your example you have hands 456 from last column PPP so you don’t play hands 123 at all. Then you look at hands 123 and if there is an underdog then you will play that for hands 456 til one win or 3 losses.

    Plus the original inventor does not do it this way. We play it horizontally. In your case you win hand hand 6 so plus 1 then hand 455 is PPB so you did get next column hand 1 right Banker but then you sit next 2. Then look back at last three.

    It’s 1 win or three losses per 3.

  3. I was booted out of the facebook group for reasons unknown to me. I expressed respectful doubt against some of the flavor of the month strategies from members that then got upset with the admins and were booted because others weren't as friendly as I was and they thought they deserved special treatment. I also urged members to please test their strategies whether it be with simulators or relatively small amounts and apparently that also is frowned upon. I was very upbeat and always respectful to Rich, I was one of the few that gave him positive feedback and left comments to help his facebook vidoes and that is how they do me? If you join the group proceed with caution and make sure you FOLLOW every rule.

  4. Under dog bit me too. I swear the whole shoe was player, so every time I bet underdog I’d lose

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