10 BIGGEST Blackjack Mistakes to Avoid (Improve Your Game)

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These are the biggest and most common mistakes in Blackjack. I see a lot of Blackjack players make these mistakes and it is not good because it decreases their edge. This video will explain how to play perfect blackjack and avoid these mistakes. For example, Blackjack players ruin their game by splitting 10s, splitting 5s, standing on 16, etc. Make sure to drop a like and subscribe for more online or IRL Blackjack tips and tricks!

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10 thoughts on “10 BIGGEST Blackjack Mistakes to Avoid (Improve Your Game)

  1. Hi BlackjackHacker, I have always been good at blackjack all my life and that's without counting, is it possible for you and I to work with me on zoom or something?, I need one on one to tell me what I am doing wrong or right! I can not hold down a job anywhere, bc I don't like how manager treat me and others so I really want to stop my daytime job, can you help me to get better and be one of the best? Please?

  2. I think maybe I will stand soft 18 if table is not hot against dealers 9. And how you count decks? I mean if it looks like bit more than 2 or little less for 2 how you get true count?

  3. I’ve seen a dealer who gets blackjack 4 times in a row. It’s never 30% in a real game. And it is only 10% for players to make a blackjack. It has to do with the way they shuffle cards and the number of players at the table.

  4. Doubling down if the dealer shows an Ace depends on the table rules.
    If the dealer hits on soft 17, always double down on a 11
    if the dealer stands on soft 17, double down 2-10 on a 11

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