8 thoughts on “Aspers Casino – How to Play Blackjack

  1. alot of the major bingo web sites will credit you money for nothing to help start you play, i turned 30 into 290 this week this link shows you the way PLAY83.COM

    All we ask is to be let alone.

  2. He started out with bad information. No further need to watch more.
    The basic idea is to get a higher score than the dealer, but make sure to not go over 21. There are many times you can win and stay with only a low score like 13.

  3. Great video. You helped me a lot in the game of blackjack. Could you do a video on poker? I cant wait to go to Aspers Casino

  4. Be aware in blackjack unless u know how to count cards.
    The odds are not that great on tables full with a person at the end, prior dealer who can screw it all up.
    Never be the end guy as you will be blamed by all who come from behind, count cards

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