Blackjack Apprenticeship’s Training Suite: A Quick Look

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A membership to Blackjack Apprenticeship includes access to our card counting training suite. In this video Colin walks through the background behind the software and gives an overview of the various features.

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Blackjack Apprenticeship’s Training Suite: A Quick Look

10 thoughts on “Blackjack Apprenticeship’s Training Suite: A Quick Look

  1. I fear that with all of this help that Colin is handing out, soon so many people will learn to count cards and casinos will change the rules in a way that card counting will be ineffective

  2. Hi Colin dude! I am watching all your new vids and practicing every day. Keep 'em coming! peace :>

  3. But does this offer single deck? Because your app sure doesn't…. Blackjack is a game of wins and losses and buying that app was definitely $5 loss for me.

  4. If I get caught with 8,8 vs the 10 on a variance 10 bet…can I please just hit in that case? I'm just on $10 table, so we are talking about $100 bet.

    I don't mind splitting on minimum bets.

  5. This is great. Makes me really consider becoming a member. Is this software for pc only or can I get it on my phone too?

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