10 thoughts on “Blackjack – Is double deck pitch worth it?

  1. Cgasbad your exactly right !!!! I'm a Ap fulltime and I play 90% DD pitch give me a pitchgame over the shoe anytime ! Most Casinos won't have many shoe games over pitch !! You wait till the cards are turned over then pick the count up !!

  2. Thanks for your video(s) and points of view DarkStar, as a former Blkjk AP player. I've always preferred Double deck over the 4 to 6 to 8 shoe games. Counting & playing a 6 gm. shoe with a full table of players gets tough. Even the best AP players have higher degrees of mistakes and keeping up with the true count. Even if the cards are turned over and you can see them immediately, the difference is minimal over 6 decks to a double deck gm.. The variance is also to inconsistent in a shoe gm. and if you have a bad shoe(s) with negative counts, you will whittle away your buy in(s), (even if your betting the minimum) waiting for the so called, "right count". The majority of casinos in the shoe games pay only 6 to 5 on black jacks.

    Once most Blkjk. AP players reach there desirable bankrolls, mastered there count system(s)and achieve the maturity of staying under the radar (at least the ones I know), they highly, prefer the double deck games. Less players per table, (I preferred 3 payers or less) and there is more consistency in card flow. 3 to 2 on blk.jacks, no doubling or splitting restrictions. You keep your count after the players turn over there cards and you get a faster penetration if the dealer gives a favorable "cut" of the 2 decks. Most casinos have there double deck games with bigger table betting limits, so even recreational players who want to gamble up and make big bets can sometimes cover up a large bet of mine. You CAN'T get away placing a $500 to $800 bet or even a $300 bet with a full table of amateur & recreational players in a shoe game. Come to think of it, in a shoe game, most maximum bets are cut off at $300 on $5 tables or $500 on a $10 table.

  3. i live in vegas summerlin—play at red rock casino—only a sports better for 45 years and very good at it. would love to play some table games but i am not going to give them any money i walk with their money and i am very good at doing that. what do you think about this guys video—https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCnnBZVt92A

  4. thank you, just want something i can win some money with besides my sports betting, i like alot of money

  5. Actually, I'm a dealer, this vid is not that informative. As far as not seeing everyone's cards, that doesn't matter. Your only concern is the cards they take for the hand.

  6. Just want to let you know there is a double deck 3-2 table with 70-75% penetration and it's NOT PITCH. Cards are laid out in front. It's at Planet Hollywood right across from the heart bar! $25-$3,000 max bet, I've cleaned them out pretty much every time I sat down there

  7. I don't play double deck pitch unless there is only me and two others maximum. Otherwise when they cut it damn near in the middle, which they normally do, it is just not worth it to get good hands with so many cards going to others. Some of my best wins in card counting came from this game.

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