Blackjack Secret Code

Learn Blackjack Video Source & Info:, ready to take a step out of the Matrix and turn the game of blackjack into a very serious way to make money? If so the blackjack secret code system that I developed starting in 1988 will make that a reality for you, and give you the ability to make a very serious living playing the game of blackjack. No card counting, no basic strategy, this is a system unlike any you have heard of before, and this system works! Take a look at some testimonials here:

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Blackjack Secret Code

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Blackjack Secret Code

10 thoughts on “Blackjack Secret Code

  1. Hello for everyone who doubts David with the blackjack secret code you are blind and oblivious to the facts about how the casino gets its advantages by morons playing into the casinos hands and if you think this is David making up this review
    You losers can call me @ 267-334-5851 if you really think basic strategy works think about it do you think the casinos would allow you to play the game with a chart that will extract money from them
    Wrong wrong they will kick you out so the blackjack secret code will explain everything to you

    Thanks David for showing compassion in trying to help others I am very grateful for your help

  2. Hi David, I love the game and have a background in statistical modeling and quantitative analysis. I used to play using a count that was fairly difficult and well beyond the simpler methods. I'm guessing that the observance of casino players and how they are viewed by mgmt was not part of any hypothesis or game theory. Vegas in my playing days was so packed you had trouble finding a spot on a table. I also believe the "so many instances" were in full force given the relaxed rules and player percentages compared to today. When you say, " what they will do is look at the bottom line", and by "virtue of there being too many for them to look at so the natural/logical conclusion is to not look at you", well this seems off to me. Way off! With all the high technology everywhere, I think casinos are much more secure and every customer can be easily scrutinized. I do hope you found something. Just can't see it having anything to do with math. Hole card maybe?

  3. let me tell you i also broke the horse racing code, it is true as i stand here right now that i am the only one that broke the most sinister side of it and i will always prove it to you by giving you a whole week of my time for that..David has done an amazing thing here and i hear no thanks, which is typical in the gambling world. i too gain the same approvals, i only hope David joins me to a point on this venture and i can join him on his oil trading academy to get it out to the world, i have a plan so we can now put those people trying to discredit him to shame..awesome david 65k views..

  4. Hello My New Friend…My name is Aubrey, I currently live in Colorado Springs. I have been spending the last 2 days "vegging out" to your videos. I must say that I am THOROUGHLY IMPRESSED with the REAL knowledge that you have shared with the world here on the YT Platform. What locked me in to TOTALLY embracing this wonderful TRUTH is that…..You are an AWAKENED Soul..I see that you taken yourself out of the MATRIX (this Prison Planet)…I have watched each of your vids AND READ ALL OF THE COMMENTS as well…You are for real and I am forever grateful for your compassion and love you must have for humanity to share this phenomenal information. I refuse to work like a slave (most people don't even know they are slaves). I fully overstand that the "Controllers" (N.W.O, Elite, Bankers, PNAC, CFR, etc). Sending you much love back (karma, reciprocity)…l am hoping to speak to you or email….I truly believe this can be an answer for my family's income. I worked in the Petroleum Industry as a Project Manager…the PetroDollar is about to crash…"they" are actually "trying" to collapse it in effort to move to a digital currency…more control. I am very interested in the "oil futures trading" as well….looking forward to connecting with you…by whatever medium you are comfortable with. Peace and Blessings to you my Brother
    P.S. I have seen few UFO's myself 🙂

  5. I love this video and am very encouraged to try blackjack again. I learned to card count in the hopes of making money, but it did not work. That said, card counting 6 or 8 deck shoes isn't that hard, but from my practical experience it just isn't effective. For one, casinos put that cut card with 2-3 decks in the shoe remaining. Because of this its very rare to get a true count high enough to increase your bet. Simply put maybe one out of 50 shoes it will happen, and then only for a few hands until the shuffle (or the count resets much lower). This happens very infrequently because there are over 100 cards every shoe that never get played. Plus who's to say if the count is +20 that the last two decks in the shoe aren't +10 each and therefore will never get played? Card counters seem to ignore this fact. You are correct in saying that when the count is high, the dealer will be making a lot of 20 hands so thats not really an advantage. The only real advantage of card counting is the player making a higher percentage of blackjacks. But for that you only really need to know how many aces are left. If the shoe is ace poor a high count is meaningless.

  6. thx man I did it 2 wks ago in SA casino up 600 bucks in 10 mins and a week later I won 1k in WA Casino in 5 mins

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