Blackjack Stress Test: Never Bust #3

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Big thanks to Danielle Furois catching me busting never bust at 22:38. Fortunately this take can be salvaged as the card I gave to the player would have been taken by the dealer. Dealer busts and Never bust wins the hand instead of losing. Brings Never Bust up to 47 units, down 3 to end the shoe (from 45, down 5. Give back the erroneously lost unit plus one unit for winning).

Please continue to alert mistakes. Old habits are obviously hard to break.

Not sure what happened to the first few seconds. Just basic table rules as detailed below.

Six-deck heads-up blackjack comparing “never bust” to basic strategy.
Dealer stands on all 17s. No surrender. Blackjack pays 3:2.
One shoes. ~75% penetration.

The “Never Bust” strategy always stands with a hard 12 or greater.
Each strategy plays off its own shoe, which are exact copies of each other (card values only).
For this series I am not going to show the complete shuffle procedure. As exciting as I know it is for you to watch, it’s far less exciting to watch me set up the second shoe as a copy. I hope I have earned your trust that I am not stacking the deck.

Each player starts with 50 chips.
Flat bet player bets 1 chip per hand.

Table minimum: 1 chip. Table Maximum: 100 chips. This would be the equivalent of a $5/$500 table.

You can also use this (and forthcoming future videos) as a representative scenario to test your betting system or card counting.

I am not a pro dealer, so be nice.

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Blackjack Stress Test: Never Bust #3

10 thoughts on “Blackjack Stress Test: Never Bust #3

  1. Interesting video series. I've been contemplating a no bust strategy so it's interesting to see it play out shoe by shoe. I think it would be cool to see a graph of the results at the end of the video with the stats for how many hands played, total gain/loss and average so far.
    Also this video got me thinking and I'm contemplating a similar test with mirrored shoe using 5-7 players and comparing with a no bust anchor vs a basic strategy anchor.

  2. This is revolutionary. This never bust strategy is so powerful. You should go to the casino immediately and start making all of that free cash they have waiting for you. Make sure to play big so you can make as much as possible before they kick you out for having such a powerful system!

  3. I started using my own never bust system over a year ago and i think it gives you an advantage in the casino. It puts all the pressure on the dealer to have the best hand or draw. Basic strategy has some splits and double i don't agree with. One of them is splitting 9's against a dealer's 9. I had that situation come up 3 times this past weekend. Lost the first two times i split, then stood the 3rd time and won.

  4. Never bust finally takes a loss, granted only three after the miss…. The two are getting closer to what should be expected, interesting to see if it completes by your seventh run 🙂

  5. and to those being rude to him, seriously, let's see you produce anything…. It's NOT easy, especially in one take, as I've recently taken up creating YouTube content and can vouch for 8 of Spades it isn't easy.

  6. Yes, even money on a 6 to 5 table, if they make it available, is the correct play, as essentially, you're getting a 5 to 1 payout on an insurance bet if the dealer has blackjack, rather than the normal 2 to 1.

  7. 22:55. you took a card on Never Bust on 14. That bust card would have gone to dealer for a player win.

  8. no the never bust was lined up, but basic hit on the 15. NB stood… that is what changed the hand

  9. If you never hit 12 through 16 when the dealer has a 7 or higher showing you are giving the casino a 4% Edge if you play Perfect strategy and hit 12 through 16 when the dealer has a 7 or higher showing Casino only has a half a percentage against you this does not work here's the proof…

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