Blackjack Terminology: A Blackjack – Insurance

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In our first Blackjack Terminology tutorial, we will cover some very common terms in this fantastic casino game, including a Blackjack, Doubling Down and Insurance.

Blackjack is an incredibly popular form of gambling that is played in casinos all across the globe. There are a lot of different terms used in the game of Blackjack and it can be quite difficult to remember them all. Our brilliant Blackjack tutorials will teach about all the different terminology used in the game of Blackjack and will help you learn them all.

In this particular video, we will be covering a few terms that are very popular in the great game of Blackjack. These terms include a Blackjack, the option that you have of Doubling Down and the option of taking Insurance against the House.

0:00 – Blackjack Terminology Introduction
0:20 – A Blackjack
0:37 – Doubling Down
1:09 – Insurance

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Blackjack Terminology: A Blackjack – Insurance

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  1. In the first of our #Blackjack  terminology tutorial videos we'll introduce you to doubling down and insurance, along with some key terminology you will come across when playing at 

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