Can You Make a Living Counting Cards in 2020?

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It’s 2020, is it still possible to make a living counting cards? What should aspiring and pro card counters know before heading to the casino? Colin shares some veteran wisdom for the new decade.

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Can You Make a Living Counting Cards in 2020?

10 thoughts on “Can You Make a Living Counting Cards in 2020?

  1. Can you give tips on being aninvestor for card counters…like percentage, amount to invest, tips to svoid scams?

  2. You have to enjoy the challenge and adventure. Great video! BTW I think for anyone wanting to try this, going through a rigorous training program would be worth considering. You will learn more about yourself as well–massive value just in that!

  3. So, unless you've got $50,000 in cash, you won't even be able to play properly at a $25 minimum bet table without significant risk of ruin. Also, according to the Blackjack Apprenticeship's BJA Pro Betting tool, you should only expect to make $15.00/hr. at these stakes (and this is assuming PERFECT PLAY ). That means after 3-6 months of more or less full-time training at card counting, I can only expect to make $15/hr (and that's not including expenses) with the $50,000 I've spent the last 10 years of my life saving up.

    I wish I knew that before I joined Blackjack Apprenticeship.

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