Can you REALLY make money counting cards? A Blackjack simulation

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In this video we create a simulation to determine the expected profits due to counting cards based on the probabilities and statistics involved with blackjack.
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Can you REALLY make money counting cards? A Blackjack simulation

10 thoughts on “Can you REALLY make money counting cards? A Blackjack simulation

  1. I think you need to go longer than 150 hours to reach the “long run”. Prob. 500 hours. Ideally bet minimum to nothing at anything under +2. Bet as much as possible in higher counts. You have to scale your bankroll and bet sizes together to keep your risk of ruin as low as possible. Under 2% RoR is recommended. Irl you’d also have to take into account mistakes (hopefully not many), and back offs from the establishment.

  2. I'd be interested in seeing if you could create an algorithm based on the price action techniques I use for scalping the ES futures market. It could make a lot of money (selling it) if it can be coded. Be happy to show you the strategy and technical analysis skills that I employ each day.

  3. This is extremely high quality for such a small channel. Huge respect, keep it up

  4. Except the EEUU , the rest of the world plays with C.S.M. I use BIAS and that works for me. Cheers.

  5. Card counting is all fun and games till you lose $10k and can't work up the courage to go back to the casino and keep firing. This is when 99% of card counters quit or find better games. All card counters will hit a rough patch of variance only the strong survive and thrive you've been warned

  6. Rather than doing averages over a few hundred hours, you should do the average of end zero. By this, I mean the expected value. Also, as you stated, you didn't take so many things into account, like deviations, promotions, penetration, and rules.

  7. Not a bad summary of card counting. With the first bet spread you plugged in, the issue is that a 1-5 spread just isn't enough for a 6 deck game, in a double deck game a 1-5 will beat the game and with a single deck game it will crush the game, but even on the best of 6 deck games a 1-5 will just barely get you over the hump.

  8. I think 150 hours is not long enough to overcome even one standard deviation depends on the game rules, penetration and so on. Maybe try 500 hours you will get different result.

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