Craps Hawaii — Part #1– Filmed Live at the EL CORTEZ with Craps Nation and Friends

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Craps Hawaii…Filming Live at the EL CORTEZ HOTEL and Casino. Join Us as we Hit the Craps table with Craps Nation and Friends.

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Craps Hawaii — Part #1– Filmed Live at the EL CORTEZ with Craps Nation and Friends

10 thoughts on “Craps Hawaii — Part #1– Filmed Live at the EL CORTEZ with Craps Nation and Friends

  1. Nice roll Mell! Looks like you and the CN crew are getting down to business! Am I seeing things cause it appears to me that when George toss hit the table they took of like a rocket, would you consider that table a bouncy surface. Scale of 1 to 10 being most bouncy how would you rate it? Can’t wait for episode 2 next week! 🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾

  2. Uncle Mel, it looks like you are setting the dice and then giving the dice a counterclockwise twist when you release the dice. Why?

  3. The lesson learned is the students and friends need alot of practice shooting dice. You are inviting the casino to take their money. Casino pretty much always has the advantage in craps. Marnster was off tonight and Mel had a good roll. Dealers are intentionally slow aka chip diddling trying to ice the shooter.

  4. I enjoyed your roll.

    I'm playing along with "Hit and Run" with a 760 Inside or a 154 Inside and 240 Inside. After three hits…if I get that far take it down to 130 Inside or 130 Inside all Islands or 130 Inside EZ or even down to 76 Inside. Power Press and Depress. Too bad we cannot have a 7 Outless session so we can keep going thru the cycle of Power Press / Repress only. So that's all we focus on.

    When George rolled and the dealer across him changed and I mentally had just taken down my bets from 760 to 130 Inside. But I actually decided to take all bets "OFF" and then a 7 "Ouch" was rolled. Just like it happens when I'm there.

    Hope I'm making sense of the bet variants.

    So there are those of us who are using your techniques and applying variants….which is what you have always reminded us to "stay alive". Mel. this is why I like your system.

    By the way, must be "COVID – itist". When I play along and knowing your style I sometimes second guess and say stuff like, "So what happened?…do as I say and not as I do?" or "Take 'em down!" or "Bets off on next roll!" or "Cover the Field". Well anyway wife walks by and think I'm nuts talking to the TV. My cats walk by and watch a the action and takes their bets down and walk onto the potty. 😂


  5. Thanks for the video I love videos like this. It shows the reality of the craps table in the casino and how the dealers have to do certain things to distract the shooter as well. Sometimes good rolls and sometimes bad. I subscribed to your channel and look forward to more videos in the future

  6. Mahalo Mel, I was to aggressive in the beginning n ended up losing half my bankroll. Good thing this is a practice session. All good rollers can have bad rolls. I got to bet within my bankroll or I could end up chasing the rest of the session. I was surprised to hear George say take me down to $44 inside after watching him practice a few times. No matter what your budget, we all got to manage our money carefully when real money is on the line.

  7. I'm sorry, if there were players like George at the table I was playing at, I'd leave. I don't have the patience to see someone take so long to set the dice.

  8. Great video…dealers are a little slow to keeping the game moving along for my liking though but love the videos you put out.

  9. Loved the video Uncle Mel. Great roll with a lot of quality numbers. Can't wait for the rest of it.

  10. George. Bwahahaha. Take forever, but all his throws rolling all over the place. You guys are sure influencing the dice. You guys must be rich. Quack Quack my ass

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