Dave Hum – Blackjack

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J D Crowe’s signature tune “Blackjack” played on the 5 string banjo – GDGBD tuning – I was inspired to learn this after seeing a video on banjohangout.org of a great picker and banjo teacher called “Banjophobic” (check him out!!) – if you are watching this John I hope you don’t mind me trying out a few of your great licks!! – MP3 Downloads available at http://www.davehum.com

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Dave Hum – Blackjack

6 thoughts on “Dave Hum – Blackjack

  1. Well, there's goes the myth that you MUST anchor your right-hand fingers to the head when playing bluegrass-style banjo. Don't know how you do it, Dave, but, man, it sounds spot-on terrific!

  2. I just happened on this video again. Dave, you inspired me not just as a banjo player, but as a person. You showed what true courage is, facing your illness with love of music and a positive outlook! I hope your videos on YouTube get millions of hits! Rest in peace my friend and to the family, keep sharing Dave's music and love to you.

  3. My wife bought me a banjo for Christmas. Never played an instrument in 55 years. This man is an inspiration. I'll need to practice, practice, practice for the next 45 years to get half as good as this man. Well done, Dave.

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