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Our guest this week is a blackjack player who calls himself Blade. After teaching computer science and playing poker part time for several years, in 2016 he supported himself almost entirely by playing blackjack, in Las Vegas and elsewhere. He’s here today to talk about those experiences.

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Gambling With an Edge – guest blackjack player – Blade

8 thoughts on “Gambling With an Edge – guest blackjack player – Blade

  1. Here is another real advantage player who walk the walk and talk the talk.

  2. A 22 yr old minimum wage person who types hands into a computer?!? Surely the camera can scan the cards.

  3. Do you think they are employing shuffle sorting machines so that the count of the shoe doesnt have extremes?

  4. Boy talk about a dream scenario sell your software company for millions and travel around the country beating up casinos. Try living on a fixed income and knowing counting works but losing your limited bank roll and having to wait for your next check to give it a go again that stinks

  5. Lmao 200 hour lifetime sample

    Also $550 hr in EV… Probably not, though it's been done

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