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Our guest this week is a blackjack player, and team leader called Vecnan. Vecnan first came to my attention when I heard he had recruited blackjack teammates off Craig’s List. I thought he sounded completely insane, and had to get him on the show.

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Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction of card counter, Vecnan
[00:33] Vecnan’s early advantage play experience
[02:51] Self-taught advantage play
[03:35] Writing articles about blackjack
[04:47] Becoming a full-time professional, difficult aspects of that job
[08:25] Dating while playing full-time
[09:46] 200-hour losing streaks, risk of ruin
[11:34] Back-offs and cover plays
[19:18] Forming a team, advertising, training
[27:30] More training program discussion
[29:18] Playing as a refusal
[31:12] Changing spread or top bet by market
[32:44] Bankroll split
[35:23] South Point Casino January Promotions – $400,000 Spin to Win
[36:49] – place small bets on various political events, $20 deposit match for GWAE listeners
[37:50] – Gold Membership offers correction on most games
[38:48] Shutting down a craps promotion
[41:47] Anticipating a back-off
[45:52] Buying candy bars
[48:39] Vecnan’s first AP play at a high school casino night
[50:25] Will Vecnan’s team expand into other forms of advantage play?
[52:44] Recommended – “A Creature of Habit” episode of The Hidden Brain, “Two Hustlers” episode of Risk of Ruin,

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Gambling With an Edge – guest blackjack player Vecnan

10 thoughts on “Gambling With an Edge – guest blackjack player Vecnan

  1. this guy is a nut he expect me to keep truckin play for frree and not get paid if i have a 6month losing streak? and yes they do happen to everyone

  2. 18:13 Why is a 300. buy in obvious? What does Vecnan object to about that? Also, although I believe he can spot card counters, why doesn't he want to sit at the table with them? Couldn't that actually be good cover for him?

  3. This guy talks about longevity , then when a true 2 shows he yells " THERE IT IS " .
    That is what I call not smart !

  4. Really interesting conversation. Thanks for making such great blackjack content.

  5. If people were making real money card counting nobody would stop. It s not a realstic profession anymore. Gone are the days the legends like Munchkin speak of. Boy it mustve been awesome!

  6. I don't know if there are more than one casinos that won't tell you your comp balance but I do know that the Palace casino in Biloxi Mississippi is one

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