Holy Rollers Documentary Clip – Blackjack, Card Counting, and Cash

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“Holy Rollers” documents one of the largest Blackjack teams in the country as they take casinos for millions. This is a clip from the award-winning documentary by Bryan Storkel. To learn more about card counting, visit https://www.blackjackapprenticeship.com.


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Holy Rollers Documentary Clip – Blackjack, Card Counting, and Cash

10 thoughts on “Holy Rollers Documentary Clip – Blackjack, Card Counting, and Cash

  1. The math they were using made no sense to me.  The decks that casinos use have way more than 52 cards in them, and so there is no way of knowing the probability of how many aces versus 9's there are, for the casinos most likely skew the probabilities by taking out the 9's and throwing in more 5's, or deliberately taking a bunch of cards and discarding them from their 300+ deck of cards.  So, you cannot count the cards.  BUT notice that when they were winning, casino managers would come up to them and say, "LEAVE NOW" rather than say to each other, "Make sure they do not leave until they have lost what they have made".  So, I guess "the system" they had was to have friends on the inside who would tell them "You've had enough – quit while you're ahead", versus others in the casino who did not have friends watching over them.  This movie was very cynical, and conspiratorial in nature.  Well, you know, nobody likes the person who is sitting at a poker table, who is cheating – that is, "un-American".  But, I guess that is the real point of this film, how the SYSTEM, rather than the odds, are set up to favour "the Clan"…. Organized Crime, you see?…. Flip a coin…. sure, you will have "streaks" where you come up "heads" many times in a row, but over time : half the time you will have heads, while the other half of the time you will have tails…. Their system was to have people working in the casino to tell them to leave when they were ahead.

  2. these guys just giving the same dialogue that were seen on the loveing movie … so till now card counts are like cut copy past

  3. On the one hand, it's a well made very straightforward doc but it concentrates far too much on the bonkers religious affiliations of the teams members. The thing they don't realize with their nonsense religious mumbojumbo, is that they overlook the contradictions and like all religions, modify their interpretations of the 2000 year old scribbles of men with temporal lobe epilepsy (slight exaggeration but generally true). For instance in one meeting their 'leader' asks his audience for a show of hands of 'those that hate casinos'. And he actually uses the word 'hate'. I'm sure Jesus loved that one…
    Anyway, beside their religious bollocks it's nice to see some real insights into a working BJ team, so I just bite my lip at some of the crap they spout and move on. Certainly for any serious BJ player it's worth watching…

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