How to Play Basic Blackjack : Insurance Bet in a Game of Blackjack

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Learn basic insurance betting information for the game of blackjack in this free video on the basics of playing blackjack.

Expert: Daniel Nell
Bio: Daniel has been a professional 21 & craps dealer in San Diego California since 2002, where he dealt for private parties and social events for Casino Concepts.
Filmmaker: Danno Nell

Source: YouTube

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How to Play Basic Blackjack : Insurance Bet in a Game of Blackjack

5 thoughts on “How to Play Basic Blackjack : Insurance Bet in a Game of Blackjack

  1. so wat ur saying is that if the dealer has an Ace showing, it is always best to put insurance cuz u get the same amount of money as you put in if dealer gets 21? wat if the dealer doesnt get 21…does the player lose the insurance money??

  2. Loool
    first. Its not even money. Because he wins 15, and loses 10. Makes 5$ won.
    second: Insurance is bad. Bank has a to high advantage.

  3. First, insurance and even money are the same thing. Blackjack professionals know this, but average players think insurance is dumb but they take even money any chance they can. Look up blackjackapprenticeship videos on this topic to prove this (not enough room here)

    Secondly, you NEVER take insurance or even money unless you are counting cards. You're betting on whether the dealer has a 10 in the hole REGARDLESS of what you have. It's a side bet that doesn't affect the outcome of your hand.

  4. yes u lose your insurance bet, because you were betting in essence on the fact that he had 21…whereas your original bet amount is now still alive and your hand is in play (subject to either winning or losing)

  5. @NoirJaque Maybe I wasn't clear. Even money and Insurance are the same thing when you have a natural as the context of my post indicated. Obviously you can only take even money when you have a natural, and the payout is the same as insurance. Even money pays $20 on a $20 bet. Winning insurance on a $20 blackjack hand nets $20 (2 to 1on $10 = $20) and the hand pushes. Losing insurance on a $20 blackjack hand loses $10 insurance but nets $30 on the hand (3:2), same as even money all around.

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